Educator Employment Law Attorney Durham, North Carolina

Educator Employment Law Attorney in North Carolina

We value our educators and work to ensure they are treated fairly when faced with employment issues. Most educators face these issues only once in their entire career and can feel overwhelmed by the process. If you are currently facing an investigation, suspension, termination, or have a concern that such issues may be forthcoming, we encourage you to call for a consultation first and not try to handle it alone. Educators who work for public institutions have rights protected by both our Constitution and our state laws.
Our goal is to educate you on your rights, equip you to
face these issues, and stand beside you throughout the process.

Common issues we see arise related to Educator Employment:

  • Discriminating against educators due to race, age, or disability;
  • Retaliating against educators in response to the educator advocating for a student or issue; and
  • Failing to follow appropriate procedures for reprimanding or dismissing educators.